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           elcome to the world of influential people - Transformational, Transparent, Traditional, Transitional, Trending, and Transitory Heroes who are making an enduring impact on people lives around the world. From social media, business, health/fitness to transformational leaders like self-help gurus, educators, authors, speakers, artists, coaches, trainers, and mentors all are heroes too often invisible heroes. All are visionaries coming forward to bring a message of hope and possibilities and developing a platform for creativity and excellence.
          Our definition of an influential person is someone who chooses to impact those around them for the better, someone who encourages people to think beyond their own life so that they will aspire to inspire others. Influence is not enforced but gently led by personal example and. education. While big media would convince us that the world’s influencers are all on the ‘main’ stage we at Influential People Magazine disagree. Yes, we may read a book or see someone in a news report, but those people are too distant from our own sphere to make them relatable. We know, it is those in our communities who truly influence us, who teach us and inspire us, not by one deed but by how we see them live.

     We are an International Marketing Magazine where we help to give people more exposures by allowing others to promote their business or dreams and to make invisible heroes known...   We have had our people received more job opportunities because of our magazine.  The team at Influential People believes passionately in spreading that message and understands the need to provide exposure for people on a local level. We work hard to provide a forum for coaches, mentors, authors, writers, trainers, speakers, business owners, entrepreneurs, photographers, event producers, health & wellness practitioners, teachers, icons, heroes. We consider these people to be leaders whose voice and a story has still to be told to the world. Influential People Magazine is known as a place for emerging Influencers. Will you be one or will you find your next mentor in our pages? Join us to find out.


 August 2018

 Eric Zuley, is one of the “top ten” influencers on social media in the world.  He is the founder of eZWay Network & eZWay TV/Radio, eZWay Events, eZWay Business & eZWay Pay, & CMO of iLaunch Global  Read more...

It is here!  The Movie "Wish Man"

Frank Shankwitz, the founder of Make A Wish Foundation.  He started his foundation after granting  a 7-year old boy Chris with leukemia, his "wish" to become a Highway Patrol Motorcycle Officer like his heroes Ponch and John from the TV show "CHIPs'.  After granting one child a "wish" he he realized there were more greater needs and started his foundation.

     His new movie "The Wishman" is coming out in October 2018, a movie based on his journey starting the "Make A Wish" foundation.

     Frank is one of the top 10 most influential person to know according to Influential People Magazine. He is number one on our list,.having made an enduring impact in the lives of sick children and adults around the worlds, where everyone can be a hero..

last Month October 
Gregory P. Brown

An article by Gregory P. Brown MD, about Health Awareness and about the reasons why we need to transform our diet into a healthy lifestyle as we too often don’t make our diet plan as part of our lifestyle. I can see his mission is to help improve humanity lives with his experience and expertise by his belief in making an enduring impact on people lives around the world by educating and inspiring us to better our lives, he also shares another article about the world mental health awareness. He is one of the Influential People who have a passion for making the world a better place with a healthy lifestyle and mental health, he has a great influence on others...Read more

Gregory P Brown MD

Part 3:  The Strategic, Tactical, And Action Plan

Note: There is a big difference between this and the Action List (Things-To-Do List) that follows next. The Master Plan covers what you are going to accomplish over the years and is written in a way of accomplishing major items......Read more...

Tony Durso



What is the Generational Management Theory?...

We are currently up to five generations working together in the labor market. This can be challenging for managers, given the sometimes-large differences existing between these generations. And in a time when it can be difficult to attract new employees and retain them, managers may find it helpful to seek help from generational management theory, ...Read more...

Gitte Randrup

Three is Enough

Edie Darling has always had a calling – A call to service and to faith. After devoting her life to fulfilling both, as a law enforcement officer, minister, and most recently as the Senior Chaplain in the Department of Detention and Corrections, ....Read more...

Edie Darling

5 Strategies to Increase, Produce Knowledge

You know what they say – knowledge is power. So that is indeed true when it comes to selling and even more so when you are selling financial services. It is not going to come as any surprise that if you want to sell effectively, you must have a strong understanding of the products and services you offer, ....Read more...

Meridith Powell

Never Give Up

  Have you ever had someone in your life who loved you and believed in you so much, that even during those times when you didn't believe in yourself, she did? For me, that was my friend. She wasn't just any friend, she was my best friend in the world, my soul sister. We did everything together, and nothing together,....Read more...

Renee Reisch

News & Trends...
Being True To Yourself Takes Courage

  One would probably assume that a person who has achieved so many titles and accolades over the past years as an award-winning photographer, to an international world-class global beauty queen, philanthropist & now international Woman of The Year, would be filled with so much confidence. The truth of the matter is, ....  ....Read more...

Lucia Hou

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Just Arrived....

9 Ways Introverts Can Network 

 Over one-and-a-half years ago, when I decided to turn myself into a strategic and goal-oriented networker, I basically started from scratch. For a long time, I had wanted to network more strategically, but I had no idea how to do it. My previous networking experience was random in .  ....Read more...

Gitte Randrup

This is not a subscription 

EzWay Wall of Fame...

The eZWay wall of Fame is a platform used to honor their clients, members, and the eZWay Family. This collaborative network creates social proof and assists each other in monetizing their businesses. Digitally, it makes subscribers, clients, and supporters able to find one another....Read more...

Eric Zuley and Pattie Sadler 

8 Reasons Why You Should be Your Own Boss...

On January 2019 I hit my 12 years milestone of being self- employed being my own boss and a leader of my own teams.
To become your own boss is a big decision. You can no longer blame others. You are on your own. ,  ....Read more...

Soulaima Gourani

What's Inside The November 2018 Issue? ...

Why We All are Hiding in Plain Sight?

I have a question for people:  Do we as a society not want to be contacted or communicate with anyone anymore?  The more social media mediums that I belong to, the more websites I visit and the more collateral I read, the more frustrated I get. It seems almost impossible to easily and quickly figure out how to contact someone either by phone or email today.  When you finally do....Read more...

Ben Baker



Inner Makeover for a New You

So you want to lose weight, too? Transform your mind, body, and life with this comprehensive toolkit and easy to use step by step guide