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Frank Shankwitz, the founder of Make A Wish Foundation.  He started his foundation after granting  a 7-year old boy Chris with leukemia, his "wish" to become a Highway Patrol Motorcycle Officer like his heroes Ponch and John from the TV show "CHIPs'.  After granting one child a "wish" he he realized there were more greater needs and started his foundation.

     His new movie "The Wishman" is coming out in October 2018, a movie based on his journey starting the "Make A Wish" foundation.

     Frank is one of the top 10 most influential person to know according to Influential People Magazine. He is number one on our list,.having made an enduring impact in the lives of sick children and adults around the worlds, where everyone can be a hero..

last Month October - Gregory P. Brown

An article by Gregory P. Brown MD, about Health Awareness and about the reasons why we need to transform our diet into a healthy lifestyle as we too often don’t make our diet plan as part of our lifestyle. I can see his mission is to help improve humanity lives with his experience and expertise by his belief in making an enduring impact on people lives around the world by educating and inspiring us to better our lives, he also shares another article about the world mental health awareness. He is one of the Influential People who have a passion for making the world a better place with a healthy lifestyle and mental health, he has a great influence on others...Read more

Gregory P Brown MD

Achieve The Impossible... Vision Mapping. Part 5:

  The next thing you want to do is, once a day or once a week, pull out this information and go over it. Make your Action List (Things-To-Do List) real to you. Do not care or bother if you encounter anyone who is negative or critical of you or your so-called “impossible” Long-Term Objectives. That kind of person you really do not need in your life to succeed........Read more...

Tony Durso


Wise Men Will Seek Him...

Being December in the USA, I figured I should write about Christmas. But when I sat down to type- I wondered what I could say that my readers haven’t already heard. I mean, this is America. Everyone knows the Christmas Story… or do they? , ....Read more...

Michelle Winder

3 Things to Remember This Holiday Season

  Hard to believe it is almost here, that holiday season we wait for all year. The time to take a break from work, spend a little more time with family and friends, and just relax and enjoy the most important things in life, the reasons we work so hard.....Read more...

Meridith Powell

What You Need to Know About Your Spinal Cord

Did you know that chiropractic for babies, toddlers, children, and pregnant women is not just beneficial, but essential? Before we get into the specifics, it is important to understand what chiropractic is. People who have been to a chiropractor before typically associate it with neck pain, back pain or, sometimes, headaches. Chiropractic is not only ,....Read more...

Dr Chris Marrone

News & Trends...
Last Month November
Being True To Yourself Takes Courage

  One would probably assume that a person who has achieved so many titles and accolades over the past years as an award-winning photographer, to an international world-class global beauty queen, philanthropist & now international Woman of The Year, would be filled with so much confidence. The truth of the matter is, ....  ....Read more...

Lucia Hou

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Strategies For Leading Successful Change Initiatives

  Do you, as a manager, find that the transformations you try to carry out end up failing … and you can’t figure out why? You’re probably not alone.
In this article, you will get Sannie Antony Skaanning’s best advice for a fruitful change.  .  ....Read more...

Gitte Randrup

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EzWay Wall of Fame...

The eZWay wall of Fame is a platform used to honor their clients, members, and the eZWay Family. This collaborative network creates social proof and assists each other in monetizing their businesses. Digitally, it makes subscribers, clients, and supporters able to find one another....Read more...

Eric Zuley and Pattie Sadler 

How to Leave Your Comfort Zone Behind For A New You...

We live in a so-called network and knowledge-based society, which means that we’re dependent on our relationships and our ability to attract knowledge in order to create individual and professional growth.
     The problem is that . . ,  ....

Soulaima Gourani

How to Communicate Your Value to Others

This is something we all struggle with. Communicating your value to others is challenging. How do you know what to say or to whom?
In my book, Powerful Personal Brands: a hands-on guide to understanding yours, I speak about understanding who your audience is first and foremost, ....Read more...

Ben Baker


Inner Makeover for a New You

So you want to lose weight, too? Transform your mind, body, and life with this comprehensive toolkit and easy to use step by step guide




Life Learning lesson of the day...Relationship...Finding the one you want to be with and learning how to love self......It is best to focus on what you like about yourself and the things you like to do. .. ...Read more...

Heide Hargreaves

5 Healing Tips For Grief During the Holidays...

I remember when I went to my mom’s house for the first holiday after I lost my son, Drew.
I walked in, and all his pictures were gone. They weren’t on the walls or the mantle. No pictures frame. Nothing.
I freaked out. , ...

Melissa Hull

Influential People Magazine December 2018

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Achieve The Impossible...

Vision Mapping  Part 5



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